Meet a Beach City Capital Investor

Hear from an expert in real estate investment about why he chose to invest with Beach City Capital. Reed Goossens is a former structural engineer who now runs his own real estate investment company in central Texas. He took the time out his busy day to answer a few questions about investing with Beach City Capital.

Q: What do you like most about investing in commercial real estate?

A: Real estate is a hard asset, and it offers all four investment benefits:

  • Cash flow
  • Appreciation
  • Amortization
  • Tax benefits

No other investment checks all four boxes. It’s long term wealth generating. If you look at people who have made a lot of money over the years, they’ve always had a backbone in real estate. 

Q: Why did you choose to invest with Beach City Capital?

A: They’re focused on my backyard, right here in Los Angeles. I wanted to invest in a company that knows the backyard very well. They’re in top tier submarkets like Redondo Beach and the South Bay. I wanted best-in-class in the local market I live in.

Q: Why do you trust Beach City Capital with your investment dollars?

A: Jason [Muller] exudes energy and enthusiasm about what he does. With that enthusiasm comes a level of care — he goes the extra mile that the average person may not in a business. He was born and raised in the South Bay, and I feel very comfortable investing with him and so should other people. He’s a local, he surfs, he knows this community. I don’t just want to invest in a corporation; I want to be able to pick up the phone and know what’s going on with my investments. It’s a down-to-earth approach.

Q: What project did you first invest in with Beach City Capital?

A: I had some self-directed retirement funds that I wanted to invest, so I chose Jason. I invested in the coworking space that he’s building in Hermosa Beach. It’s a boutique location less than a block from the beach. That really resonated with me because office space is at a premium in these coastal markets. It wasn’t too large, it had that small town community feel that I really thought, from a business perspective, would make a great investment — not only for my own money but a great investment for the community. 

Q: What is important to know about the L.A. real estate market?

A: As a society we’re growing in a way that we’re trying to find different solutions to problems of affordable housing and affordable office space. Co-living and co-working are two prime examples of that reaction to the market. Affordable housing is a massive issue here in Los Angeles. More deals like co-living will help that affordability space. There’s so much that needs to be built to make an impact, to take pressure off housing prices here. Creating a community where everyone has a relatively equal playing field is good for my business. People who have jobs, who have homes to go to is good. When prices go up but the average wage doesn’t go up, that’s a problem… we won’t have a middle class keeping the economy going. 

Q: Who should invest with Beach City Capital?

A: Investors are in it to build a net worth, but if you have a project you can invest in that can also contribute back to the community, that’s a win-win for everyone. This opportunity is right for the socially conscious investor who understands where the problems are in society but also wants to continue providing wealth for their family. They can address some of these issues associated with affordable housing but, at the same time, provide an opportunity to make their money start working for them. It’s somebody who wants to do good, but make some money along the way. 

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