Technology-Based Design & Construction: A Quick Guide for Investors

Oftentimes we can determine the success of a commercial real estate development project in the very early stages of development. At Beach City Capital we emphasize the importance of pre-construction techniques and services in all of our development projects. This includes the use of advanced building technology in the design and construction phases of our projects.

Technology allows our projects to be more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective. This is one of the many ways we help mitigate risk for investors looking to build their yield. In this article we are going to highlight three specific technologies used for better design and construction.

3D BIM Coordination

Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, such as Autodesk Revit, brings architecture, engineering, and construction disciplines together into a single modeling environment. Project teams can work together to design and compare 3D models of building systems. When teams collaborate using BIM software they are participating in a process called 3D BIM coordination.

When used in commercial real estate development projects, 3D BIM coordination leads to more effective collaboration, increased efficiency and it helps mitigate risks in construction. The use of BIM technology also results in better cost forecasting, which lessens risk for investors.

Clash Detection

Clash detection is an essential part of the 3D BIM coordination process. The purpose of clash detection is to locate any “clashes” between different designs and 3D models created during the early stages of the development process and work out the most efficient way to fix them.

Navisworks is a popular clash detection software add-on for Autodesk Revit, which we mentioned earlier. However, there are a number of other competing tools on the market. 

Clashes can either be soft or hard. Soft clashes are easier to resolve issues and hard clashes may require the development team to go back to the drawing board on a particular design. Every clash eliminated during the design phase means one less problem down the road.

When not properly accounted for, individual clashes can lead to multi-level design change, project delays and budget expansions. These are all things our team actively works to avoid. Detecting and eliminating clashes is beneficial for everyone involved, including investors.


Prefabrication is another technique that we use in our projects. It involves assembling components of a structure off-site and transporting them to the construction site. Prefabrication and 3D BIM coordination go hand-in-hand. For example, we often use BIM software to develop and produce walls off-site. Once built, the walls are then sent over to the construction site.

Beach City Capital projects often use prefabricated walls, bathrooms and truss systems. The prefabrication process saves on the cost of labor and shortens development time. This increase in efficiency also helps keep the real estate project on budget, which is a win for investors.

Smart Investing Gets Results

The use of advanced building technology in the design and construction phases of a commercial real estate development project saves time and money. 3D BIM coordination helps teams work together more effectively while clash detection mitigates risks in construction. We then use BIM software to prefabricate walls and other components, saving on labor costs.

At Beach City Capital, we strive to partner with contractors who utilize the most up-to-date design and construction technology available. If you have any questions about how we use technology in our development projects or are ready to invest, contact us and let’s chat!

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