Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Development (Video)

Real estate development is one of the most lucrative asset classes for investors. That is particularly true of multi-family and mixed-use commercial real estate development.

Because commercial real estate is a high-risk, high-reward investment it’s important to allocate your assets wisely. Beach City Capital’s team of investment experts proudly helps you build your yield and mitigate risk in development projects. We work with superior contractors to develop, design and build properties in the Greater Los Angeles area that support the community both now and in the future.

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Or, if you are not quite ready to reach out at this time, you can watch the video or read our video transcript to learn more about why you should invest in real estate development.

Real Estate Development Video Transcription:

Clem Butler, VP of Investments, Beach City Capital: “Hi. Welcome to the Beach City Capital topic video on why you should invest in real estate development.

“Real estate development is the most opportunistic asset class in real estate. But we believe, through our experience hiring the most expert consultants in the field, we are able to mitigate most of the development risk and build to a yield that is attractive to real estate investors. Much more attractive than buying a stabilized product or going through the risk of value add.”

Jason Muller, Founder & CEO, Beach City Capital: “We hire the best land use consultants to mitigate local and state law. We also hire the best-in-class architects to be able to provide passive ventilation, green technology, great aesthetics, to be able to improve this project. We also are able to leverage technology and use pre-construction techniques to get our 2D drawings into 3D modeling, which is called Revit and then we do clash detection in a software called Navisworks.

“We use this coordinated product to be able to send it to our contractors, this allows us to do competitive bidding to about five to seven contractors to do an arms-length contract bid for the project. And what is beautiful about this process is that the project is coordinated in 3D, but then the contractors have a lot of lead time to be able to solve problems early on.”

Clem: “A key that you’ll see in our development process is the thought that goes into the design and the pre-development. We make sure that every piece fits and that the future product feels best in its community and fits on its corner. The edge conditions are ideal and attractive.

“We strive to have the best product on the block and in the neighborhood and all of that happens through our design and pre-development.”

Jason: “Right. And with the new product, it demands the highest rents. And with that it also improves the community and also aids the urban development of the city that it’s built in.”

Clem: “Thank you for joining this topic video on real estate development. And we hope to see you as an investor or ask questions on our upcoming projects.”

Jason: “I hope that was helpful. Thank you so much for your time.”

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